The Best in Video Production

+ Producers Course

A 30-day digital course and mentorship program designed to provide you with the skills necessary to produce, direct, shoot, edit and distribute your own video content. Go to: for more information.

+ Live Recordings

Professionally capturing your Live event can be a way to memorialize the event and/or continue to capitalize on the same effort. We can record your special event and create an electrifying promo video or create an eloquent video ready for you to sell.

+ Music Videos

We work with the industry’s top talent to produce high quality music videos at any level. Music videos are a great marketing tool for celebrities and upcoming artists. We believe that every song has a great story to tell. We help to create a cinematic experience by incorporating eye catching and meaningful visuals to tell your story. Using platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo we will develop an experience that your audience can connect with and enjoy.

+ Promotional Videos

Video is the breakthrough in marketing and content creation. Creating a promotional video can be an exciting and excellent resource to promote your brand, whether large or small. Our objective is to identify your goals, produce a high-quality video within your budget, shoot, edit, and deliver a product you can be proud of.

+ Weddings/Funerals

E-Tre Productions captures the most precious and delicate moments of your life. We understand that certain occasions are important to you and we pride ourselves in preserving your memories in a creative and cinematic way.